Vim + Vigor Reed Diffusers

Vim + Vigor Reed Diffusers

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Reed diffusers contain 4oz of fragrance oil that will brighten the mood in any room. Available in our top selling scents plus our newest scent - cactus flower + desert sage. Hassle free way to keep your home smelling fresh all day long!

Care & Instructions:

- Remove lid and place reeds in the amber jar,

- Flip your reeds every week or so to refresh the aroma. If you find the aroma is too strong you can reduce the scent throw by removing one or two reeds from the jar. If removing reeds from the oil make sure to place them in a bag or container so the oils don't drip on furniture or finishes.

- Keep your reeds fresh by keeping them away from direct sunlight or other heat sources 

- Avoid spills because the oils can damage certain finishes. If oils do spill, clean up the oils immediately.  

Made in the USA